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Plum for a Purpose {fundraising}

We’re PLUM pleased to offer two great ways to raise $ for your charitable organization.

SHOP: Resale Therapy is a fun way to support your cause! PLUM will donate 10% of all sales generated by your supporters on a designated day. We’ll even provide a customized flyer to help you promote your fundraising event, so your approved non-profit will receive a portion of the proceeds!

CONSIGN: A designer clothing drive is a simple & creative way to support your cause! Just set up a non-profit account @ PLUM. Ask your angel fashionistas & organization supporters to consign their items on your behalf & 40% of the sale of their merchandise can be directed to your non-profit. Or simply host a clothing drive yourself & bring all the items to Plum at once! As the items sell, money will accumulate in the non-profit’s account – It’s that easy! Email for details!

Plum Charity Organization